Proactive Elevator Maintenance

Ongoing preventative maintenance plans are key to extending the life of your elevator, maintaining reliable performance, and guarding against emergency repairs.

Because we specialize in non-proprietary elevator systems, building owners have a high degree of flexibility with maintenance programs. Each plan is fully customized to your exact requirements and equipment usage, so you can be assured you’re only getting the service you need.

Our customers rate us #1 in quality and satisfaction because we take a proactive approach to addressing problems before repairs are needed – while being committed to transparency and helping you understand each step of the process.

With a tailored maintenance program, you’ll save on energy costs in the long run, while our 24/7 availability reduces downtime and eliminates extensive repairs.

See our Maintenance Control Procedures Guide.

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Our customers rate us #1 in quality and satisfaction

Experienced and Skilled Technicians

We take pride in applying the knowledge and skills we’ve gained over the years to each project. Additionally, our staff receives annual training in several areas of elevator maintenance, repairs, construction, and modernization. Our technicians also receive continual training to improve their skills.