Quality Service Since 1959

In 1959, with just two customers, we launched what would become Eastern Elevator Service & Sales Company. Since then, we have grown to be one of the largest independent, American-owned elevator companies in Pennsylvania.

The mission of the company in its early days is the same as it is today: to provide customers with quality service at the most economical prices.

This idea of specialized service is what allowed us to grow over the years to where we are today, servicing over 2,700 customers and more than 3,500 elevator systems throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, northern West Virginia, and eastern Ohio.

Our first two customers from 1959 are still with us to this day.

At our inception, elevator installation and service was the main focus. But when major elevator companies began designing proprietary controls, we started our own construction division to protect our customers and their investments from outrageous maintenance costs by providing equipment that any elevator technician can maintain. This allows us to confidently quote against other companies because of our ability to deliver the best service at the best price, no matter the project.

As an industry leader in servicing non-proprietary elevator equipment – meaning the building owner owns the elevator – we specialize in the construction, maintenance, and modernization of all types of hydraulic, traction, and freight elevators.

Our skilled technicians are CET certified and receive ongoing training and continuing education in all facets of elevator maintenance and safety. Our decades of experience in the industry means we can offer each customer an added sense of security and reliability that they’re getting the best quality and safety in every job. This goes with the assurance of knowing that we’ll be there to service the equipment for years to come.