Since 1959!



Eastern Elevator Service & Sales Company, one of the largest independent American owned elevator companies in Pennsylvania, was founded in June 1959 with two initial customers who have been with us from the beginning. The new company expressed a sincere desire to provide the customer with quality service at the most economical price. In the highly competitive business world then, as now, this highly specialized service is what allowed the new company to survive and presently service over 1600 accounts and 2100 elevators. Eastern Elevator currently works in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.


In the beginning, Eastern Elevator’s focus was the maintenance and service of elevators. However, when the major elevator companies started designing proprietary controls, Eastern took action to protect their customers by starting a construction division. Our philosophy has always been to protect our customers from outrageous maintenance costs by providing components that any elevator technician can service. We welcome the opportunity to quote against our competition because we are confident we can offer our customers the best service at the most economical price.


Eastern Elevator specializes in the maintenance, service, modernization, and construction of all types of hydraulic, traction, and freight elevators. With all of our capabilities and over 55 years of experience under one roof, we can offer our customers an added sense of security. Security in the knowledge that, not only can we design and install a complete vertical transportation system, but we will also be there to maintain and service the equipment for years to come.